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Corporations have been getting way with far too much for far too long. It is time that we, the citizens of the world, educate ourselves and take action against these Corporations. We all understand that for past few generations, we have allowed laws to be written, tax incentives to be created and have allowed loop holes to be made in environmental policy. We have allowed lobbiests in Washington , and other governments  around the world, to make this capitalist institution called the “Corporation” get away with practices  that are unacceptable. We have not understood the consequences until it is too late. We have felt too overwhelmed by the do’s and don’ts that we have felt we had to respect, that we have allowed these powerhouses to benefit from massive profits, while we the majority are struggling.

It is time that we the people take matters into our own hands. It is time to take responsibility for our ignorance. We must forgive ourselves for allowing this economic “Grand Canyon” between the mega wealthy and the other 90% of us. We hear our leaders ask us to make further sacrifices by accepting higher interest rates in order to pay for the mess they got us into. They have repeatedly tried to take away our voice. It is time forgive us our sins and move forward. We will no longer allow these Corporations and Government puppets to silence us.

Like others before us, we are taking matters into our own hands.  We are going to start keeping tabs on these Corporations. We are going to collect information and share it. We are going to spread the truth as far as we can. Most importantly we are going to take action!

Be a voice in a voiceless world. Share your knowledge of what you know with us so that we can unite and learn from each other, and become a source of power and change.

Hey Corporations! We are watching you!


We are Anonymous

We are Legion

We never Forgive

We never Forget

Expect Us!

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