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How to obtain Skype IP’s via Windows… You Are Not safe!

July 8, 2012
Obtain Skype IP #ACW

Obtain Skype IP #ACW

Can you believe how easy it is to accidentally give it away. Your security that is. By simply hanging out on Skype with “friends”, in mere seconds a not so intelligent person can get access to the base of information for most peoples on-line life. An intelligent person can exploit this by obtaining your IP & access other areas of your life. We recommend using services such as a proxy or a vpn provider. Here you can find a list of reviews on which vpn’s log or don’t log:

Here is the way to obtain a Skype IP. We are showing this for security and protection purposes only. Please read this and learn to protect yourself!  (Windows 7 used for demonstration)

“How to obtain a Skype IP”

Open your Skype software

Begin a conversation with your victim.

When the victim responds to you, a conversation is established.

Open the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del).

Select the “Performance” tab and click “Resource Monitor…” button.

Select the 1.- “Network” tab and mark the 2.- “skype.exe” box under the “Image” heading.

Now press the 3.- “Network Activity” tab and the victims IP (Internet Protocol) will be displayed.

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