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Bradley Manning Global Awareness Campaign

February 13, 2012


This auto-generated “stencil” is a very crude demonstration of what we are looking for.

1. Find an image of Brad. The ones posted on this tumblr have been selected partly because of their suitability for this project.

2. Create an image that can be used as a single-color stencil. Wording and detail should be minimal for ease of preparing the stencil.

3. The image must be clearly recognizable. It may be artistic and interpretive, but it must be clearly identifiable as Bradley Manning. The point is to create an iconic image that anyone anywhere can reproduce.

« Click SUBMIT on the menu bar at the left,  Submit a Photo. Add source/attribution and contact information, if desired, in the Post section.

All submissions will be evaluated for reproducibility. The resulting suitable submissions will be posted widely for voting.

The top-voted one or two images will be promoted in a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, whistleblowers, war resisters and government transparency.

Submissions with attributions or anonymous welcome.




Project Inception @OpManning





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