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How to obtain Skype IP’s via Windows… You Are Not safe!

July 8, 2012
Obtain Skype IP #ACW

Obtain Skype IP #ACW

Can you believe how easy it is to accidentally give it away. Your security that is. By simply hanging out on Skype with “friends”, in mere seconds a not so intelligent person can get access to the base of information for most peoples on-line life. An intelligent person can exploit this by obtaining your IP & access other areas of your life. We recommend using services such as a proxy or a vpn provider. Here you can find a list of reviews on which vpn’s log or don’t log:

Here is the way to obtain a Skype IP. We are showing this for security and protection purposes only. Please read this and learn to protect yourself!  (Windows 7 used for demonstration)

“How to obtain a Skype IP”

Open your Skype software

Begin a conversation with your victim.

When the victim responds to you, a conversation is established.

Open the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del).

Select the “Performance” tab and click “Resource Monitor…” button.

Select the 1.- “Network” tab and mark the 2.- “skype.exe” box under the “Image” heading.

Now press the 3.- “Network Activity” tab and the victims IP (Internet Protocol) will be displayed.

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Bradley Manning Global Awareness Campaign

February 13, 2012


This auto-generated “stencil” is a very crude demonstration of what we are looking for.

1. Find an image of Brad. The ones posted on this tumblr have been selected partly because of their suitability for this project.

2. Create an image that can be used as a single-color stencil. Wording and detail should be minimal for ease of preparing the stencil.

3. The image must be clearly recognizable. It may be artistic and interpretive, but it must be clearly identifiable as Bradley Manning. The point is to create an iconic image that anyone anywhere can reproduce.

« Click SUBMIT on the menu bar at the left,  Submit a Photo. Add source/attribution and contact information, if desired, in the Post section.

All submissions will be evaluated for reproducibility. The resulting suitable submissions will be posted widely for voting.

The top-voted one or two images will be promoted in a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, whistleblowers, war resisters and government transparency.

Submissions with attributions or anonymous welcome.




Project Inception @OpManning





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Motorola sponsors group responsible for coordinating attacks on Occupy Wall Street

November 20, 2011

Motorola sponsors group responsible for coordinating attacks on Occupy Wall Street

It has come to our attention that the corporation, Motorola, has close ties to a police organization that is responsible for coordinating the recent crackdown on the Occupy Wall Street protests in various cities. The organization that is responsible for coordinating these attacks is PERF. PERF stands for Police Executive Research Forum:

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) is a national membership organization of progressive police executives from the largest city, county and state law enforcement agencies. PERF is dedicated to improving policing and advancing professionalism through research and involvement in public policy debate. Incorporated in 1977, PERF’s primary sources of operating revenues are government grants and contracts, and partnerships with private foundations and other organizations.

We are proud of the service we provide to law enforcement stakeholders. Our research and publications are targeted in areas our members find important to their agencies and for professional development. Our conferences and training programs are targeted to audiences who want to be on the cutting edge of relevant policing topics. Our leadership is constantly looking for ways of improving our ability to meet your dynamic needs. You will find out more about what PERF is all about in this, our information section of our member network.


Recently it was revealed, by the San Francisco Bay Guardian ( that PERF helped to synchronize the recent attacks on OWS protesters.

After looking into PERF it quickly becomes apparent that PERF, not surprisingly, has direct ties to the Department of Homeland Security. Chuck Wexler, who is the Executive Director of PERF, also serves on the DHS’s Advisory Council ( Wexler was recently speaking on Democracy Now about the protests, which can be seen here:

Upon visiting PERFs website, it is soon revealed that they receive quite a bit of corporate sponsorship from Motorola. This should not be so surprising since Motorola puts of a lot of its research and technologies into devices used by Government agencies. On many of the PERF documents linked on the website, there are thanks to Motorola for sponsoring them. On one of the website pages, there is a direct link to Motorola’s involvement with PERF that reads :

For 20 years the Police Executive Research Forum and Motorola have had a close friendship, which began when Robert Galvin, Motorola’s legendary CEO and board chairman, had an idea that Motorola could contribute to the economic vitality of communities by helping to reduce crime. Motorola had worked closely with many police departments over the years, and Galvin wondered whether police agencies could become more efficient by using analytical tools like Six Sigma and process mapping. Thus began the first Motorola/PERF collaboration, in which PERF helped eight police agencies test whether process mapping could improve police departments’ core operations. The success of that first project led to what became known as the “Critical Issues in Policing” series.

The basic concept of the Critical Issues Series is that PERF, with support from Motorola, conducts research and brings together police leaders to work on the most difficult and important issues facing police departments. PERF then produces reports summarizing the findings, which are shared with law enforcement agencies across the country. Over the years, these reports have covered a range of topics, including police use of force; police management of large-scale demonstrations; violent crime reduction strategies; the role of local police in immigration enforcement; gang violence and gun crime; and the impact of the economic crisis on policing.


On the Motorola website there is a page dedicated to products and services that they provide to various government agencies

It’s time for corporate interest to be exposed and brought to the forefront. If you stand with us and want to help us, please contact us with info on Motorola. We believe Motorola should be exposed for its ties with PERF and take responsibility for enabling the coordinating of recent crackdowns on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Motorola Contact & Links:




1303 East Algonquin Road Schaumburg,

IL USA 60196

Phone: 847-576-5000

Fax: 847-576-5372

Be a voice in a voiceless world. Share your knowledge of what you know with us so that we can unite and learn from each other, and become a source of power and change.

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Walmart… Heartless Corporation?

September 23, 2011

Hello citizens of the internet. It has come to our attention that a big name corporation has done wrong by it’s employees. Walmart fired a ten-year manager over a mis-training issue. They claimed it was an integrity issue, but the guy was struggling with providing food for his family and fuel to get to work. He asked them for assistance on a number of occasions, each time being denied. Barely making ends meet, he took matters into his hands and, using methods he was shown during his training, he began to get the help he so desperately needed, little by little. After he claimed six months worthy of mileage, Walmart added it all up, whipped up an internal investigation, called in the local police and terminated his employment. Now, he’s being charged for fraud, over a matter of one paycheck’s value in gas and meals, claimed over half a year’s time. Him and his family need your help. Contact Walmart Home Office @ 1 (800) 925-6278 and tell them to drop all charges against Brandon Butler and his family. A multi-billion dollar corporation could care less about his family’s well-being, his reputation, or his prospects of getting another career that will pay his bills. They’ve taken away his career, now they want to take away his ability to get another one. #AnonCorpWatch #injustice #corruption #persecution #walmart

We Are Anonymous Corporate Watchers… Expect Us!

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Canon’s Devious Little Tool

September 14, 2011

Canon’s Devious Little Tool

Dear citizens of the internet. It has come to our attention that a big name corporation has gone beyond its boundaries as it has developed a “Software Tool” that can access your networks and decrypt your network keys no matter the encryption!

Canon has a line of wireless printers which any consumer can purchase. For these wireless devices there are support sites set up by Canon to help customers download and install drivers for these wireless devices to operate and communicate with your computers.  Upon setting up these drivers one tool came to our attention. “Canon PIXMA Wireless Setup Assistant / File Name: CanonAPChkTool_win210en.exe 1.03MB”.  When you run this file it extracts another, this file name here: “CNMNPHLP.EXE”. This can be downloaded publicly and worldwide here: on Canon’s websites.

What does this all mean and what can this file do you ask? Like our last article on Rogers and their negligent ways of operation. They ultimately give any technical representative the ability to access and view your network key characters by means of decrypting it on their end. This is much worse; Canon has given anyone the ability to do this in a very stealthy way. Your friends, your relationships, your competition and your enemies can now just plug in their storage device pretend to view an email for distraction and one click later you have been compromised!

This tool enables you to confirm the network key (actual characters) and access point name. These two items are required when using the device in a wireless connection.

Here is an example:

The Canon “License Agreement” states:


This isn’t good enough! Ultimately anyone can download this tool and store it on a digital storage drive such as a USB key, SD Card, Online storage, Smartphone etc. All one has to do is run this tool and instantly gain access to your network by decrypting they key and displaying the actual key characters. This tool even offers a “Copy Network Key” button! This software is too dangerous and reckless to be widely available to the world. As the CyberWar intensifies, we find ourselves going out of our way trying to protect our online anonymity. This tool instantly removes any measure you have taken to protect your internet network connection(s). Whether you have a short key or an extra-long security key, this little tool decrypts it all in one click! Worst part is you don’t have to own a Canon product in order to download it and use it.

What to do next? We ask you all to bring attention to this issue and ask that Canon removes this tool from all its sites immediately. We ask them to implement other means of connecting their hardware wirelessly in a less invasive and negligent way.  Help us bring attention to this article and spread it around for people of the world to learn about their network and online security.

We Are Anonymous Corporate Watchers… Expect Us!

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Hey Corporations! We are watching you!

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Rogers Abuses Customers Privacy

September 12, 2011

It’s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood; it’s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood. “Wait, hello Mr. Rogers, what are you doing in my house”?  “Hello Billy, I was just sitting here in case you forgot your keys see. We have all our customers’ house keys in case they ever get locked out. And don’t worry anyone can have these keys at Rogers, so always count on us to be to be in your home in case you get locked out, you won’t even know we are there!”

Hello citizens of the internet. It has come to our attention that a big name corporation has gone beyond its boundaries as it can access your networks and decrypt both your login passwords your network keys. If you are a Rogers Internet customer this affects you. In reviewing the contract agreement we have found that nowhere do they mention or ask for a customer’s permission to be able to access such delicate information. We did some research and contacted some other ISP’s. To our surprise we found that Rogers is the only major ISP doing this to their customers. We contacted 3 major ISP providers in Canada and a few smaller providers and all were surprised to learn this was happening. They all have protocols in place that prevent their Representatives from ever visually seeing your password and network keys characters. Usually when you forget your Router/Gateway password, your ISP provider can reset your password remotely. In most modems there is usually a little button you can press with a thin object such as a pin to reset it back to factory. In doing this it automatically erases your current login password and network key, and you must re-enter a new one to secure it. Most ISP providers reset your adapter remotely and stay on the phone with you until they have instructed you to secure your connection. They guide you through a scripted process similar to most installation processes such as Step 1: “Now enter your Host Name Here:” 2: “Now enter your password, now re-enter your password” etc. Rogers is different in the way they can see your login password and its characters. They can come in fix your settings and see your network keys which is usually encrypted in sophisticated code. They can play with your settings and leave without you ever knowing they were there as they leave your passwords intact. We have also learned that any technical representative can access such delicate information. Not once do Rogers’s technical representatives ask their client for permission to enter their router/gateways/networks and or see their passwords and change their settings, as most people aren’t as tech savvy.

What does this all mean you ask? This means that any technical representative on the phone can ultimately ruin your life. Most of the technical representatives operate out of the same country and Region. At times trouble shooting can be frustrating, and at times this leads to arguments on the phone. If the technical representative really wanted he can ruin your online life, which can easily carry on to your real life. On top of having your passwords and network key, any rep can access your credit card information along with all your most personal information. They now have the ability to be you! They can send someone they know down to your house to tap into your Wi-Fi signal and download child pornography. Now you are a victim! This is just a simple and easy example of the repercussions of such corporate negligence.

What to do next? I have contacted Rogers personally about this matter. At first I was transferred a lot as they kept saying that this doesn’t always happen, and they would put a note on the account. I responded by asking how did they know which rep did this? And how can they guarantee this never happens again? They couldn’t provide a justifiable answer, so I kept insisting they look into this and keep me updated on this matter. They stood behind their corporate privacy, which is kind of ironic don’t you think? But I didn’t get off the phone until they transferred me to someone that would take this serious. As it happens my call was reviewed, and a few days later I received a call from the president’s office. His department was looking into the matter. I explained my concerns that any rep stranger has access to very delicate and encrypted information. Also their script or protocols weren’t clear enough about what they were asking of the customer. Rogers agreed that this was and is an issue. They said they would be looking further into this matter and they would follow up with me. They specified that they couldn’t release any information on the steps they took to reprimand those reps because supposedly they have to ask for permission. I told Rogers I called back 5 times acting like I didn’t know much. And to see or prove that this would happen reputedly. 6 out of 6 technical representative all accessed both my passwords without asking or specifying that they would do so. Rogers said they would call me back later in the week with an update. The follow up call went even worse than expected. They admitted that any and every representative could and can see any customers’ passwords, networks keys plus all their personal profile account information. Rogers’s solution is to downgrade my service to a cheaper modem which wouldn’t allow this to happen. But I pointed out that this is a policy issue. What about the other few thousand that don’t even know about this matter? Plus the modem they were instructing me to downgrade to is the original modem I had when I signed up for the service. It’s also the very modems that lead me to find this matter out in the first place. Clearly they aren’t taking this serious enough.

We ask of you to send this document around especially in Canada to teach people about privacy issues and corporate negligence. They want to watch us without our permission. Every day the CyberWar intensifies. The government is trying harder and harder every day to put in place an internet “Kill Switch”. This is just another example of a corporation taking advantage of their customers’ lack of computer and technical knowledge. Help us educate each other on how we stand to lose our internet freedom. Help us to prevent and stop internet monitoring and logging. Help us keep your privacy private!


Welcome to Anonymous Corporate Watchers!

July 21, 2011

Corporations have been getting way with far too much for far too long. It is time that we, the citizens of the world, educate ourselves and take action against these Corporations. We all understand that for past few generations, we have allowed laws to be written, tax incentives to be created and have allowed loop holes to be made in environmental policy. We have allowed lobbiests in Washington , and other governments  around the world, to make this capitalist institution called the “Corporation” get away with practices  that are unacceptable. We have not understood the consequences until it is too late. We have felt too overwhelmed by the do’s and don’ts that we have felt we had to respect, that we have allowed these powerhouses to benefit from massive profits, while we the majority are struggling.

It is time that we the people take matters into our own hands. It is time to take responsibility for our ignorance. We must forgive ourselves for allowing this economic “Grand Canyon” between the mega wealthy and the other 90% of us. We hear our leaders ask us to make further sacrifices by accepting higher interest rates in order to pay for the mess they got us into. They have repeatedly tried to take away our voice. It is time forgive us our sins and move forward. We will no longer allow these Corporations and Government puppets to silence us.

Like others before us, we are taking matters into our own hands.  We are going to start keeping tabs on these Corporations. We are going to collect information and share it. We are going to spread the truth as far as we can. Most importantly we are going to take action!

Be a voice in a voiceless world. Share your knowledge of what you know with us so that we can unite and learn from each other, and become a source of power and change.

Hey Corporations! We are watching you!

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